Our Current Members

Since 1981, the year the G.E.B. was established, 30 banks have participated in the association. The banks meet once a year at the Annual Meetings of the Management Committee.
  • Specialist Meetings are also organized to exchange information on specific issues.

  • The President and Vice President of the association remain in charge for two years then the presidency passes to another bank.

  • Current President is Antonio Guerreiro (Banco Finantia).

  • Current Vice President is Jenny Penser (Erik Penser Bank).


Headquarters: Mariehamn, Åland, Finland

Founded: 1919

Website: http://www.alandsbanken.com

Bank of Åland Plc

Ålandsbanken (Bank of Åland) was founded 1919 by Åland entrepreneurs of the time who wanted their own bank on Åland. The name was then Ålands Aktiebank and in 1942 it was registered on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. The development has been stable and favourable. The head ...

Banca March

Headquarters: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Founded: 1926

Website: www.bancamarch.es

A unique and non-replicable business model

Banca March’s history spans almost a century of effort, dedication and tireless commitment to a business philosophy based on Shared Growth with all stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders and society as a whole.

The sust...

Banca Passadore & C.

Headquarters: Genoa, Italy

Founded: 1888

Website: www.bancapassadore.it

Banca Passadore & C. is a privately-owned, independent bank serving private and business Customers since 1888. Thanks to its independence and operating autonomy in all services offered, the Bank is wholly committed to seek out the best opportunities to serve the Customers' best interests.

The ...

Banca Sella

Headquarters: Biella, Italy

Founded: 1886

Website: www.sellagroup.eu

Sella is one of the largest Italian private and independent banking groups. Its history dates back to 1886, with the establishment of the credit institution at the foundation of the current Group, which undertook a process of gradual and constant development over the 20th century. Sella group saw...

Banco Finantia

Headquarters: Lisboa, Portugal

Founded: 1987

Website: www.finantia.com

Banco Finantia is an independent bank, with more than 35 years of experience and leading positions in key market niches of Private Banking, Corporate & Investment Banking and Capital Markets.

Free from any conflicts of interest, Banco Finantia has a long record of accomplishing successful nati...

Bank J.Van Breda & C°

Headquarters: Antwerp, Belgium

Founded: 1930

Website: www.bankvanbreda.be

Bank J.Van Breda & C° is a specialised bank that focuses specifically on businesses and the liberal professions, covering both professional and private needs throughout their lifetime

The bank was founded in Lier in 1930 by Jos Van Breda and has maintained its individuality ever since. It is m...

Banque Martin Maurel

Headquarters: Marseille, France

Founded: 1964

Website: http://www.martinmaurel.com/

The BANQUE MARTIN MAUREL is the result of a merger in 1964 between two Marseilles family owned banks : the BANQUE MARTIN FRERES which dates from 1825 and the BANQUE MAUREL founded in 1929.

In 1978, the Bank opened its branch in Paris.

In 1980, it took a major shareholding in Delon et Gregoi...

C. Hoare & Co.

Headquarters: London, UK

Founded: 1672

Website: www.hoaresbank.co.uk

More than 350 years’ banking experience

C. Hoare & Co. is the UK’s oldest privately owned bank. Founded in 1672, it has remained in the ownership of the Hoare family for 12 generations. The partners, who bear unlimited liability, are stewards of a unique and evolving culture built on longs...

Erik Penser Bank

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

Founded: 1994

Website: https://www.penser.se/

History Erik Penser Bank is a privately owned bank which offers a wide range of financial services to private and institutional investors. The Bank's business culture is based on the conviction that long-term success for the bank can only be based on the success of its customers. Erik Penser...