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Banca Sella

Sella is one of the largest Italian private and independent banking groups. Its history dates back to 1886, with the establishment of the credit institution at the foundation of the current Group, which undertook a process of gradual and constant development over the 20th century. Sella group saw the light in 1992 to manage and coordinate the wide range of banking, financial and insurance services offered.

To support sustainable development, the Sella group fosters, operates and acts as an open innovation ecosystem, organized in five business lines: commercial banking, wealth & asset management, open finance, treasury & financial market, corporate & investment banking.

Sella encourages entrepreneurship through its innovation platform for startups and businesses Sellalab, from which the first Italian challenger bank, Hype, originated in 2014. In addition to establishing the Fintech District in Milan, the largest Italian fintech community, Sella pioneered in Italy to launch an open banking platform and still leads the nation in this field, worth recognition even overseas. Furthermore, Sella Group has been actively involved in the Italian and international venture capital arena for over two decades. In 2019 it founded Sella Venture Partners Sgr, the specialized asset management company focused on alternative investments in the venture capital field.

Sella works according to the values of ethics, entrepreneurship, trust, openness, innovation and focus on the person. The Group operates across 6 countries (Italy, Spain, UK, Switzerland, Romania and India) through its team of over 6,000 employees and collaborators. In 2021, the Group was one of the first in the Italian banking and financial sector to achieve “carbon neutrality” by zeroing the impact of its CO2 emissions.

HEAD OFFICE ADDRESS Piazza Gaudenzio Sella 1 – 13900 BIELLA Italy
PHONE +39 015 35011 – FAX +39 015 351767 WEB SITE / / SWIFT CODE BANCA SELLA HOLDING SELBIT22 (activities on the financial markets) BANCA SELLA SELBIT2B (commercial payments)