Banca Passadore & C.

Banca Passadore & C.

Genoa, Italy



Banca Passadore & C.

Banca Passadore & C. is a privately-owned, independent bank serving private and business Customers since 1888. Thanks to its independence and operating autonomy in all services offered, the Bank is wholly committed to seek out the best opportunities to serve the Customers' best interests.

The flexibile and dynamic nature of its structure enables the Bank to provide Customers with tailored solutions.

The Bank's unique operating model is built on the following strengths:
- the personalisation of Customer relations, which is core to the service provision;
- in-depth local market knowledge;
- fast decision-making process and operational efficiency, due to the Customer-oriented structure;
- privacy and discretion;
- highly qualified, professional staff, perfectly in tune with the Bank’s image;
- in-house IT system, developed to ensure high quality, personalised services and constant support for the most innovative banking products.

1888 - 1930 Founded in Genoa in 1888 by Luigi Passadore (1855-1926), the Bank fits immediately in the corporate context of the city to support the flourishing maritime trade of that time.

1930 - 1960 In the following decades, the Bank confirms its own characteristics of efficiency and dynamism and changes gradually its connotations in harmony with the evolution of the market, keeping its prerogatives of independence and autonomy unchanged.

1960 - 1980 Following the end of World War II, the Bank further consolidates its growth by partnering with two leading financial institutions. In 1965 the new headquarters is inaugurated, built in line with innovative criteria and forefront technological solutions. Simultaneously, the Bank decides to develop its own in-house IT platform.

1980 - 1988 In the early 80s, the Passadore family manages the transfer of shares from the then partner institutions to individual shareholders, entrepreneurs and professionals operating in the areas where the Bank is present: this constitutes the shareholding structure still in place today.

1988 - today The Bank then starts a program of "targeted" territorial expansion, implemented always through internal means and that is still in progress. The Bank successfully managed to replicate its unique operating model, by now characterized by a strong track record, efficiency and professionalism.

The bank today and Tomorrow In the context of rapidly evolving financial markets, the Bank keeps its secular corporate identity, along with prudence-driven management practices and outstanding quality of services. These are the principles supporting the Bank's future development plans.

Address: Via Ettore Vernazza, 27 - 16121 Genoa, ITALY
Phone: +39 010 53931
ABI Code ABI: 03332
Tax code: 00316380104

CHAIRMAN: Augusto Passadore
DIRECTORS: Gennaro Caracciolo di Vietri, Edoardo Fantino (General Manager), Guido Ferrarini, Luigi Ferraris, Alessandro Garrone, Gregorio Gavarone, Antonella Negri-Clementi, Letizia Radoni, Maurizio Sabbioneti

Member of ABI – Associazione Bancaria Italiana Member of FITD - Fondo Interbancario Tutela dei Depositi Member of Pri.Banks – Italian Association of Private Banks

SERVICES FOR PRIVATE CUSTOMERS: Banca Passadore has served Private Customers for more than one hundred years. Personalisation of the relationship is one of its characteristics and service quality one if its key commitments. - bank accounts and deposits - private banking - payments services - mortgages and loans

BUSINESS AND CORPORATE SERVICES: Banca Passadore, through its highly qualified staff, provides business and corporate Customers with a thorough banking and financial assistance, in order to identify the most suitable solutions for all needs of financing and liquidity allocation. - payment and collection systems - e-banking services - corporate customers support

ONLINE BANKING: Banca Passadore has been active since the early 1980s in providing electronic services to customers, with cutting edge technological solutions, totally in-house developed, that propose to integrate simple and efficient tools with a customised Customer relationship. The “app” and the mobile banking services are especially designed for private Customers, enabling the access in mobility to a wide range of e-banking services with the same outstanding security standards of the full-fledged internet banking service.

Liguria: Genoa (Headquarters and 7 branches), Imperia, La Spezia, Bordighera, Albenga, Chiavari, Portofino
Lombardy: Milan (Head of financial services), Brescia
Lazio: Rome
Piedmont: Turin, Alessandria, Novi Ligure, Alba
Valle d'Aosta: Aosta
Tuscany: Florence
Emilia-Romagna: Parma
Veneto: Verona