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Erik Penser Bank

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Erik Penser Bank

History Erik Penser Bank is a privately owned bank which offers a wide range of financial services to private and institutional investors. The Bank's business culture is based on the conviction that long-term success for the bank can only be based on the success of its customers. Erik Penser Bank has more than 140 employees and an office in Stockholm.

Mr. Erik Penser, born in 1942 and one of Sweden's most influential financiers in the 1980s and early 1990s, founded the stock brokerage firm Erik Penser Fondkommission in 1994. The company became bank in 2008. Mr. Penser owns 94 per cent of the bank through his holding company Yggdrasil AB.

Business Erik Penser Bank's services address both private and institutional investors. The bank is organized in three business areas; Corporate Finance, Financial Solutions and Wealth Management.

Wealth Management Erik Penser Wealth Management offers modern and efficient asset management with the aim of building and developing wealth. We do this through advanced advice, effective asset management, initiated brokerage and through our exclusive family office services.

Corporate Finance Corporate Finance offers qualified services in connection with initial public offerings and other equity market transactions, procurement of capital (public and private) and corporate transaction advice.

Financial Solutions Financial Solutions, a corporate lending business which has grown considerably in recent years, consists mainly of bridge funding, short term real estate-related credits and factoring. Funding is mainly obtained through public deposits. Assignment research, certified adviser services and liquidity provider services are also included in our offering to small and mid cap listed companies.

Objectives and strategy In order to ensure long-term competitiveness, Erik Penser Bank has set a number of goals, the main ones being satisfied customers, low risk exposure and stable revenues. The bank´s strategy is focused on creating customer value by offering personalized financial solutions and personalized service.

Contacts Erik Penser Bank, Apelbergsgatan 27, Box 7405, 103 91 Stockholm, Sweden Tel: +46-8-463 80 00 | Email: