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C. Hoare & Co.

More than 350 years’ banking experience

C. Hoare & Co. is the UK’s oldest privately owned bank. Founded in 1672, it has remained in the ownership of the Hoare family for 12 generations. The partners, who bear unlimited liability, are stewards of a unique and evolving culture built on longstanding family values and outstanding personal service. The bank has a distinguished tradition of philanthropy and donates up to 10% of annual profits to charity through its Golden Bottle Trust.

C. Hoare & Co. is based in Fleet Street, London, and its customers have a strong connection to the UK.

Empathy & Expertise

Close customer relationships are the heart of the business, and many of these relationships stretch back generations. Combining traditional private banking with 21st century digital capabilities, the bank’s core business comprises current accounts, deposits and bespoke lending. Its small size and independence enable fast, flexible decisions, and the partners’ conservative attitude to risk supports its reputation as ‘a safe haven’ for its customers’ money.

The bank is also pleased to serve its customers’ businesses. It has deep experience and expertise in looking after Farms & Estates, Family Offices & Family Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Trusts & Estates, City Professionals and those involved with Arts, Culture & Entertainment. It was the first UK bank to launch a donor advised fund – the Master Charitable Trust – to support customers in their philanthropic endeavours and, as a pure banking service with no wealth-management arm, it enjoys working alongside customers’ professional advisers.

In short, C. Hoare & Co. strives, at every level of the organisation, to uphold its purpose as ‘good bankers and good citizens’ and it welcomes customers who share its values


Partners: Alexander Hoare, Venetia Hoare, Simon Hoare, Bella Hoare, Alex R Q Hoare, Rennie Hoare, Amy Rodwell.

CEO: Diana Brightmore-Armour

Chair: Lord Macpherson of Earl’s Court, GCB


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For further information about C. Hoare & Co., please call the bank on +44 207 353 4522 or email info@hoaresbank.co.uk.

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