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Banca March

A unique and non-replicable business model

Banca March’s history spans almost a century of effort, dedication and tireless commitment to a business philosophy based on Shared Growth with all stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders and society as a whole.

The sustainability and success of this business model was made possible by the bank’s long-term approach and unyielding loyalty to our core values:


Banca March has a unique, non-replicable business model that rests on four pillars:

Shareholder commitment
* Family Bank: 4th generation of the family closely involved in the management. * Long-term approach. * Strong financial ratios. * Prudent management.

Exclusive products * Alignment of interests. * Co-investment: We share our experience and know-how with our customers. * Value creation: For our customers, with a commitment to protect their wealth.

Outstanding quality service * Comprehensive service. * Customer satisfaction leaders in overall branch satisfaction, according to several STIGA reports over the last years.

Excellent professionals * Specialist advice: Our highly qualified managers offer specialist advice for our customers.

Banca March is currently the parent of one of Spain’s leading financial groups and the only Spanish financial institution that has been wholly family-owned since its inception.

Banca March, head of the Group


100% March A.M. 100% March Vida. 100% Banco Inversis. 100% Real Estate Subsidiaries.

As well as the activities carried out by all the Banca March Group subsidiaries, we would like to mention the investment activity carried out by Corporación Financiera Alba, in which the Group maintains a significant stake, and the cultural activity promoted by Fundación Juan March.

Banca March specialises in private banking and corporate advisory services, focusing on medium-sized and family businesses, enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Private banking customers appreciate stability in their relations with their bank. Banca March continues to boast the highest CET1 capital adequacy ratio in the Spanish banking industry and its liquidity and risk coverage ratios are among the strongest in the sector.