Current Members

Since 1981, the year the G.E.B. was established, 30 banks have participated in the association.

The banks meet once a year at the Annual Meetings of the Management Committee.

Specialist Meetings are also organized to exchange information on specific issues.

The President and Vice President of the association remain in charge for two years then the presidency passes to another bank.

Current President is Dirk Wouters (Bank J.Van Breda).

Current Vice President is Alexander Hoare (C. Hoare & Co.).

Current G.E.B. Members are:

Ålandsbanken, Finland
Member since 2009

Banca March, Spain
Member since 2012

Banca Passadore & C., Italy
Member since 2019

Banca Sella, Italy
Member since 1981

Banco Finantia, Portugal
Member since 2015

Bank J.Van Breda & C°, Belgium
Member since 1999

Bankhaus Lampe, Germany
Member since 2000

Banque Martin Maurel, France
Member since 1993

C. Hoare & Co., United Kingdom
Member since 1997

Erik Penser Bank, Sweden
Member since 2017