Banca Sella

Company profile

Banca Sella was originally established as Banca Gaudenzio Sella & C. S.a.s. on 23 August 1886 by Gaudenzio Sella, nephew of Quintino Sella (Minister of Finance of Italy from 1862 to 1873). The name was changed into Banca Sella in 1962.

The Bank decided to pursue its growth, not only through the enlargement of its branch network, but also through acquisitions and the establishment of a banking group. Gruppo Banca Sella was therefore established in 1992. The Group philosophy and strategy is directly inspired by customer needs and aims to provide a wide range of products and services through its diversified distribution channels and companies of the Group and to constantly deliver high quality services.The Group Head Office is in Biella, a medium-sized city in the north-west of Italy, and covers through its branch network almost all Italian regions.

Since the '80s the Group devoted great attention and important resources to enhance its payment systems with advanced products and services, providing its customers with up-to-date electronic payment services, such as, ATMs, POS and plastic cards, besides assuring world wide cross border payments. As Principal Member (since 1996) of Visa International and Mastercard Banca Sella issues Classic, Business and Gold Visa credit cards as well as classic and co-branded Mastercard credit cards. Over the years new credit and debit functions were added to all these cards including revolving and pre-paid facilities.

Since 1996 the Group devoted further attention to the development of new distribution channels and of innovative services such as phone banking, advanced internet banking, remote banking for corporate customers and e-commerce.
The internet banking services offered by Banca Sella have been constantly enriched and the web site evolved from a simple window on the Bank into a real "financial portal", which now allows all Banca Sella Group customers to access financial products and services directly through the internet.
In February 2000 the new "" brand was launched and is constantly enriched to provide the services of an all-round virtual branch, allowing customers to have 24-hour information access and transactions processing on their accounts, in synergy with the contact center and the network of branches.

Recent evolution

Along with the development of the so-called web 2.0 technologies, Banca Sella, through, was among the first Italian banks to develop its products and services following the suggestions of customers, among the first to develop the potentialities of mobile banking in Italy aiming at simplifying the Customers’ approach to banking services. Banca Sella was the first in Italy to develop an application both for iPhone (2008) and iPad (2010) and at the same time to diversify the Customers-Bank dialogue on different and innovative channels as the chat, the virtual assistant and Skype.


1886: establishment of Banca Gaudenzio Sella & C. s.a.s.
1937: first branch in Biella opened
1949: the bank becomes a joint-stock company (SpA): all shares are owned by the Sella family
1962: change of company name to Banca Sella S.p.A.
1980: establishment of Biella Leasing S.p.A.
1983: establishment of Gestnord Fondi (now Sella Gestioni SGR)
1984: establishment of Brosel (insurance brokerage)
1992: establishment of Gruppo Banca Sella
1995: establishment of Selir (Romania): back office services and software development
1996: establishment of Sella Synergy India: software development
1997: internet banking services launched
1999: establishment of Consel S.p.A.(consumer credit); establishment of CBA Vita (life insurance)
2005: establishment of Banca Patrimoni Sella & C., dedicated to private banking customers
2006: major reorganization took place: centralization of all Group services in the holding company Banca Sella Holding; Banca Bovio Calderari incorporated the North East branches of Banca Sella, changing its name into Banca Sella Nordest Bovio Calderari; establishment of Sella Gestioni S.G.R. S.p.A. from the merger of Fiduciaria Sella S.I.M.p.A. (trustee services) and Gestnord Fondi S.G.R. S.p.A. (asset management and mutual funds company)
2008: establishment of Banca Sella Sud Arditi Galati, as the result of the merger of Banca di Palermo (established in 1997) with Banca Arditi Galati (in the Group since 2000), which changed its name to the above
2011: incorporation into Banca Sella of Banca Sella Sud Arditi Galati (together with Sella Servizi Bancari and the Payment Systems business unit of Banca Sella Holding)
2012: incorporation into Banca Sella of Banca Sella Nordest Bovio Calderari

Core business and products

The Group’s main strategic activities include: Commercial Banking, Asset Management, Private Banking, Mutual Funds and Sicavs, Securities Brokerage and Trading, Corporate Finance, Insurance Savings, Leasing, Trustee services, Traditional Payments, Credit/Debit Cards, POS and ATM, E-commerce, Internet Banking, Trading online, Mobile Banking, Bankassurance and Consumer Credit. Gruppo Banca Sella includes two life assurance subsidiaries and one insurance brokerage house. In 2008 the Group launched the InChiaro brand, which provides non-life products through the branch network of Banca Sella.

HEAD OFFICE ADDRESS Piazza Gaudenzio Sella 1 – 13900 BIELLA Italy
PHONE +39 015 35011 – FAX +39 015 351767
SWIFT CODE BANCA SELLA HOLDING SELBIT 22 (activities on the financial markets) BANCA SELLA SELBIT2B (commercial payments)

Biella, Italy