Bank of Åland Plc

- Stock exchange listed bank, established 1919
- Head Office in Mariehamn
- Offices on the Finnish mainland: Helsinki, Espoo, Turku, Parainen, Tampere and Vaasa
- Offices in Sweden: Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg
- Shareholders approx. 9 000
- Employees approx. 750
- Managing Director Peter Wiklöf


- Ålandsbanken Sverige AB
- Ålandsbanken Fonder AB
- Alpha Management Company S.A.
- Ålandsbanken Fondbolag Ab
- Ålandsbanken Asset Management Ab (70%)
- Ålandbanken Equities Research Ab
- Crosskey Banking Solutions Ab Ltd
- Ab Compass Card Oy Ltd (Bank of Åland 66%, Tapiola Bank 34%)

Corporate motto

Bank of Åland generates value for private individuals and their companies by building and maintaining long-term, personal customer relationships.


Personalized, knowledgeable and creative


One bank for investors, which has good financing know-how and is the best at building and
maintaining customer relationships


To help customers and their companies to a richer life

Innovative pioneer

- Equity index bonds, convertive equity index bonds.
- Only bank in Finland with environment account – interest for you, bonus to the nature. Every year Bank of Åland donates an amount (equal to 0,2 % of the total amount of environment account deposits) to environmental protection projects.
- First to introduce deposit account with Prime interest rate.
- First to apply modern portfolio theory in asset management for individual customers.
- Customized financing plan.
- Premium Banking and Private Banking.

Honours and awards

Euromoney magazine Private Banking Survey 2011:

- Bank of Åland is best in customer relationships in Finland
- Bank of Åland is the second best in private banking services overall
- Bank of Åland is the second best bank in Finland with private banking services

Customer index 2010:

- Bank of Åland has the most loyal customers in Finland
- The customer satisfaction survey was carried out by TNS Gallup in cooperation with Suomen asiakkuusmarkkinointiliitto (ASML) and Avaus Consulting.

Mariehamn, Finland